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Slovakia Business Visa

Slovakia Business Immigration

Foreign nationals ranging from adventure seekers to tourists to families are flocking to Slovakia by the millions every year. Recently, the nation has gained the attention of foreign investors as well since Slovakia was identified as one of the fastest growing economies in the entire European Union. Its primary industries of car manufacturing, electrical engineering, and nuclear energy are expanding at a rapid rate, making Slovakia a prime location for foreign nationals to invest into new and rising and companies.

Temporary Business Visa

A foreign investor seeking to enter Slovakia to conduct business must apply for a temporary residence permit. To obtain the permit, the investor submits an application to the Slovakian embassy in the investor’s home country.

The application must contain a detailed explanation of the investor’s business-related purpose during the stay such as an operational license or business plan, proof that the investor has a clean criminal record, and proof that the investor possesses sufficient funds to support the stay in the country. Additionally, the application should also include the investor’s business’s bank account statements, proof that the investor has accommodations for at least six months, and evidence that the investor has Slovakian health insurance.

The temporary permit for businesspeople is valid for up to three years and may be extended for an additional period of three years.

Long Term Residence and Citizenship

Once the foreign investor has accrued five years of continuous residence, the investor can apply for long term residence. After eight years, the investor can apply for Slovakian citizenship through a legal procedure called naturalization.

These applications can be complex and time-consuming. For these reasons, it is recommended that interested investors contact attorneys to assist them with these processes.
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